A Bone Density scan is a non- invasive and painless scan to detect Osteoporosis or low density bones (osteopenia).

Our GE Lunar Dual Energy X-Ray Absorption (DEXA) scanner is the most highly developed and most thoroughly validated technique for assessing bone mineral density. The DEXA scanner is able to scan lumbar spine, both hips and forearm all in less than 15 minutes .

These sites are typically tested because they are the key sites where patients are most susceptible to fracture.

There is minimal radiation involved in the DEXA scan. Patients are exposed to more radiation on a flight from NY to LA than during a bone density scan. It’s approximately the same as radiation from two days of normal life. 

The Dexa Scan is the Gold Standard for measuring body fat percentage. It measures bone mass, muscle mass, and visceral fat. This is the only true test of an accurate body fat percentage, it can be repeated to see if patient lost fat and or bone, not just weight.