America’s number-one killer starts with one main condition: fatty deposits in the walls of arteries. Advanced lipid testing surpasses simply measuring LDL and HDL levels.  It can now test for plaque formation by measuring levels of LPLA2.

We know how important triglycerides are in the formation of heart disease. We know that Omega 3 shifts to Omega 6 over the years, and thus we need more Omega 3 to reduce the risk of disease.

We can measure the adequacy of Omega 3 through the panel. We need to measure Lpa, located at the tail of the LDL molecule. It determines if the LDL gets deposited into the arterial wall.

This Lpa is genetic; we are born with it, but we maintain low levels of Apo-B. Hence, advanced lipid testing is critical in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.